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Treatment for Schizophrenia Treating Negative Symptoms and Deficit Syndrome

Dr. Kazutoyo Inanaga

Schizophrenic patients experience difficulty handling social activities, especially creative activities and thus compared with people who suffer from emotional disorder, those who attain remarkable achievement in life is relatively small. For most patients, onset of schizophrenia occurs at an early age, and development of intellectual abilities and emotions gets disrupted, and thus it becomes harder to adapt to society.

I have witnessed an unexpected remarkable recovery of a male patient who has suffered from schizophrenia for 36 years from the age of 18. As a psychiatrist, this experience has been an emotional one being that it was the first time that I have experienced such an occurrence. It is only an isolated case, however I have diligently recorded the patient’s progress, and hope it will open new ideas for treatment of schizophrenia.
In summary:
Dramatic changes due to Amyloban 3399
His dramatic improvement has been due to the use of Amyloban 3399. The patient’s motivation, his mental activity, and his mood have unexpectedly improved. It has also improved cognitive function and sleepiness, and it has helped to promote an active life style. The Amyloban 3399 has improved the level of arousal and general well being. From this case study, the Amyloban 3399 has the capability of improving general mood, activeness, improving symptoms of schizophrenia, although it may not transform a person into a cheerful or extrovert, it is not unreasonable to see this at this point. If we can show that the Amyloban 3399 has a positive effect on gloominess, there may be a possible market for treatment of this condition. It is worth looking into doing more studies on schizophrenia and the negative symptoms

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